Your only job is to be free
Free to live inside a tree
Free to see the way you see
If it's strange then let it be
Your only job is to be free
Free to laugh, free to sing
Free to think, you might be king
Or you might fly or swim the sea
You have it all when you are free
But freedom puts the fear in some
And they will tell you not to run
And not to dream, all you see
Inside the open world of free
For freedom follows no command
It has no feet, no arm or hand
It has no language, it has no rhyme
It has no clock, no goal or time
For freedom is it's own reward
It's own protection without a sword
Without a fight, freedom stands
Holding on with phantom hands
To your heart of the sky
Winter lips, mountains cry
Freedom holds, the world above
The reach of death, the reach of love
I don't wanna waste your time
Come on baby take me home
I don't wanna waste your time
And just remember to be free
And you will be the same as me
And I will be the same as you
Sniffing flowers freedom glue
Stuck to stars which shoot through skies
The twinkle twinkle in your eyes
The bed of love on which you sleep
The day of hope, the one you greet
The night of dreams both big and small
The call you hear down freedoms hall
Come home now for home your in
One day gone, the next begin
It's a circle like wheels which ride
The waves of oceans freedom tide
Welcome home you never left
Maybe lost freedom theft
But you got found freedom bee
Buzzing for eternity
And freedom is the light you see
Enlightened soul turning key
Others see and may wake up
Inspiration freedom cup
Drink the nectar of the soul
Freedom is an endless hole
Which opens up in the sky
It's a circle you and I
We are one, we are free
I am you and you are me - joseph arthur

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